WASHINGTON, D.C. – While Congressional Republicans and school nutrition leaders may be patting themselves on the back for changes to the National School Lunch Program, the substance – or lack-thereof – of lunches won’t change.

Language inserted into the massive $1.1 trillion spending bill eases restrictions that require whole wheats to be served and puts off additional limits on sodium content of school-prepared meals “until the latest scientific research establishes the reduction is beneficial for children,” according to the Washington Post.

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That might be a cold bowl of chili for many students including these, as the food seen here will not have to change because of those modifications.

Take this lunch, for example, that was served at Auburn High School in Illinois.

The student tells EAGnews there was also milk but he drank it before snapping the photo.

“Sometimes there’s fruit and vegetables, but they claimed this thing had both,” he says.

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Meanwhile, Tony Keuntjes says this was served at Assumption High School in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin:

Kayla Ford tweeted this picture of what she says is a piece of chicken. It was apparently served at Cumberland Regional High School in Seabrook, New Jersey.

Another student, Emily Domke, tweeted what she later said was barbeque chicken.

Despite what Congressional Republicans think they’re doing to stem the tide of paltry school lunches, the program changes that were inserted into the spending bill won’t change any of this.