TUCSON, Ariz. – Planned Parenthood Arizona is itching to get its sex programs in the public schools across the state. So much so that it has mailed report cards to school districts, grading them according to whether their sex education programs suit the abortion giant.

The report card gives an F to schools that teach an “abstinence-only-until-marriage” curriculum, where the school board has not passed a policy that requires CSE (comprehensive sex education) to be taught. Even lower than an F is a thumbs down, for schools that do not report what they are teaching to PPAZ.

D is reserved for a school that teaches no sex ed—where the school board has not passed a policy requiring CSE. A is for schools that have swallowed the PPAZ bait hook, line, and sinker—CSE is taught in all grade levels (yes, that includes 5-year-olds) and the school board has passed a policy requiring CSE. The entire report card appears below.

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Click on above image to download a PDF version of the report card.

Since it has been unable to pass legislation requiring sex ed on the state level, the abortion giant is working at the school level. Its current plan is to get the schools to report to PPAZ where they stand on sex education so it can use the information to its advantage. Persuasion by shaming, as it were. We all know how PP detests shaming—unless it is the one bullying schools by trying to shame them into getting on board.

In its latest annual report, in a column entitled “Progress, No Matter What,” PPAZ declares, “Our initiative to change state and local school policy to require medically accurate, comprehensive sexuality education for all students is also seeing success. Students in Creighton Elementary School District will be able to receive this vital health information through the Family Life and Sexual Health (FLASH) curriculum.” While FLASH is for grades 4-8, PP also pushed a sex program for grades K-3.

The FLASH curriculum is over 400 pages long and was recently imposed in the Tempe Union School District over the objections of very concerned and upset parents. A FLASH curriculum of equal length was implemented for special education students.

And in Yuma, where Planned Parenthood shut down its brick and mortar center, it left behind a community organizer whose number one purpose is to get Planned Parenthood sex programs in the schools.

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True to form, PPAZ is gathering allies to try to force its repugnant sex ed into the schools. Sadly, the Arizona PTA has joined hands with Planned Parenthood in pushing for legislation through CHAT—the Coalition for Healthy Arizona Teens.

This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2014-12-17

Published with permission