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School district refuses to let students leave for their ‘best interest’

DELAVAN, Wis. – The Delavan-Darien School District denied a family’s request to enroll their children in a neighboring school district by citing the “best interest” of the children.

“We believe it is in the best interest of your children to attend the Delavan-Darien School District,” said a letter from Superintendent Robert Crist to Les and Carol Paur. “Your application for the above students to transfer out of the Delavan-Darien School District into the Williams Bay School District under the open enrollment program has been denied by the Delavan-Darien School District for the 2014-15 school year.”

Carol Paur, the mother of the students seeking transfer, explained to Charlie Sykes on 620 WTMJ that her daughters were previously enrolled in a Catholic school but were leaving due to financial considerations. Their daughter Elizabeth suffers from anxiety and sought to enroll in Williams Bay, a smaller school district, because of the size and some familiarity with students.

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Paur told Sykes that her daughter was excited for the first time to attend school when the prospect of transferring to Williams Bay appeared to be a reality.

“Emotionally, we were prepared to move on to Williams Bay,” said Paur.

But then Dr. Crist’s letter arrived, temporarily dashing the Paur family’s hopes because Delavan-Darien School District was not willing to approve the transfer.

While the Paur family says they plan to appeal the transfer denial, the actions of the Delavan-Darien School District reflects a broader distrust by school district administrators and educrats who believe they know better than parents.

The open enrollment program is meant to provide parents and families with the ability to choose which district and school they would like their children to attend. When districts hold veto power and can deny a family’s choice because they think they know best, something is wrong with the system.

See the letter and listen to the interview below.

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