WASHINGTON, D.C. – The White House is calling First Lady Michelle Obama’s dance with a turnip one of her “top” moments of 2014.

Writing on the White House blog, Ken Meyer listed 10 “favorite moments” with the First Lady.

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Saying they were in no particular order, the turnip dance came in at #3.

The dance was to bring attention to her “Let’s Move” campaign and the “healthy” overhaul of the National School Lunch Program.

As The Guardian explains, “The six-second video shows Michelle Obama saying ‘turnip for what?’, before nodding her head along to DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s Turn Down for What.” The paper added the video was “slightly perplexing.”

The White House also counted the first lady’s advocacy for the federal student loan program, a Q&A on “healthy” school lunches, and her hashtag activism for Nigerian school girls kidnapped by terrorists as her other top moments.

It also highlighted Obama posting family photos, including those of her girls on a trip to China and wedding pictures with the president.