NEW YORK – A Bronx teacher is suing New York City and the city’s Department of Education claiming his race and gender made him a target for unfair treatment.

The New York Post reports Paugh William Shadow of Port Jervis, New York charges he was discriminated against at MS 391, The Angelo Patri Middle School – “a mostly black and Latino middle school.”

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Among other things, Shadow claims he was denied a bathroom key for three years.

The 7th grade mathematics and science teacher says he was “falsely accused of corporal punishment, using derogatory language and leaving his post; and that school administrators refused to back him up on disciplinary matters and failed to reimburse him after he bought materials for his science-lab students.”

He was accused of marching 6th-graders up and down a set of stairs for more than five minutes as a means of discipline. That was dismissed, he claims.

The teacher says he “was humiliated in front of his peers” and that school officials “discriminated against [him] due to his gender and race,” according to the paper.

Gothamist reports Shadow has taught at the school for “several years.”

The site notes that according his now-deleted school profile, “Dr. Shadow has taught overseas as well in NYC. Besides Science, Dr. Shadow has a passion for acting and has been on TV shows, commercials, movies and video games.”

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The suit does not specify damages the teacher is seeking.