SACRAMENTO, Calif. – In government schools, there is a strict separation of church Christianity and state. Islam is now apparently the preferred religion of choice.

How else can one explain Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep’s “Hijab Day”?

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Robert Spencer at reports:

This all started with a student at NP3 High who is an intern for the Hamas-linked terror organization the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). This student gave a presentation about Islamophobia and Islam at what was a mandatory staff meeting that also included an official CAIR representative.

The school then now decided to sponsor an official “Hijab Day” in cooperation with Hamas-linked CAIR. The flier also shows that another Muslim Brotherhood-linked organization, the Muslim Students Association, is also involved. Every female member of the faculty and staff, and students as well, has been encouraged to wear a hijab today. NP3’s principal, Tom Rutten, has been strongly encouraging everyone to participate and wear one.

He encourages his readers to contact the principal and inform him of the group’s radical connections.


“Also ask him when is NP3 Priest Collar and Nun Habit Day, and when is NP3 Kippah Day — or is it only Islam that gets this treatment?” Spencer says.

The school is part of the Natomas Unified School District in Sacramento.

The day is actually not new, and student organizers say there’s actually nothing oppressive about the hijab. They don’th, owever, speculate about what might happen to a woman walking down a street in Tehran or Riyadh without one.

In 2013, “NP3 Intern” Sukhman Rekhi reported in the Natomas Buzz:

The Hijab Day event, however, was spearheaded by a handful of 12th grade girls focusing on Islamophobia for their senior project. Islamophobia is the fear of people who practice the religion of Islam.

Stereotypes about Islam prompted MSA club members to educate their NP3 peers that women are not oppressed by, or forced to, wear the Hijab.

More than 100 girls participated in the event by wearing a Hijab for the day. Boys were given necklaces with written messages about the Hijab.

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The necklace message read, “If a woman has the right to show off what she has, then she also has the right to cover it up too.”

“I was amazed by the turnout and am thankful for all the people that participated in the event,” Iran English Radio – yes, really – quoted student Samantha Masters as saying.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, a Missouri seventh grader was reading his Bible in class “because I had freetime,” he told Fox 4.

Referring to his teacher, Loyal Grandstaff said, “He doesn’t want me reading it in his class because he don’t believe it.”