PLANT CITY, Fla. – A 30-year-old math teacher is being accused of dismissing one of her middle school students from class to have sex with him.

Police say Turkey Creek Middle School teacher Megan Connors began having a relationship with a 15-year-old student that escalated quickly.

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The sheriff’s office said the relationship between Connors and her student began in January, “then quickly progressed to kissing and Connors allowing the boy to fondle her. Eventually, they began having sex at school during school hours,” the Tampa Tribune reports.

They say the teacher would have the boy “removed from other classes and the two would meet for sex in a room selected by Connors.”

The teacher also took the student off school grounds during the school day and “went to his house and had sex in his bedroom.”

Conners was arrested and faces seven counts of sexual battery, along with a charge of lewd and lascivious battery and lewd conduct.

According to CBS 6, the Hillsborough County School District placed a robocall to parents informing them of the situation.

“Hello this is Fredda Johnson, principal at Turkey Creek Middle School calling with an important message. One of our teachers has been arrested,” the message states.

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The district is moving swiftly to be rid of Conners.

“We just learned that these charges have come down. They’re very serious charges,” district spokesman Steve Hegarty tells the news station.

“She had nothing in her background that would suggest anything like this. You know it’s shocking and it’s disappointing,” he says of the teacher who was hired in August.

Hegarty adds the district will ask her to resign or fire her. Because she is a new teacher, the action doesn’t need to involve the school board or the tenure revocation process.

Conners is currently being housed in the Hillsborough County jail without bond.