DEKALB, Ill. – On Wednesday, the Northern Illinois University Veterans Association will be showing the biggest box office film of 2014, “American Sniper.”

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The screening is part of a day-long series of events to highlight the problem of homelessness among military veterans. Following the film, many of the attendees will be holding a camp out.

Late Friday, a legal adviser told the Veterans Association that it would have to pay over $500 to get the “rights” to show the movie.

A GoFundMe account has been sent up to raise the funds to continue with the showing of the film Wednesday evening. Any extra funds will be donated to a local charity.

Learning of the film’s showing on the NIU campus prompted a leader of the Muslim Student Association, Umraan Syed, to write on the group’s Facebook page that “I consider veterans and our military to be the real terrorists.”

After a lengthy discussion on the group’s Facebook page, Syed and the NIU-MSA appear to have settled on countering the showing of the film by setting up a table near the event to spread their message that the film is a misrepresentation of Muslims and promotes “Islamophobia.”

The group had hoped to get the organizers to show a documentary instead of “American Sniper,” but during an executive board meeting it was unanimously agreed to continue with the showing of the film.

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In addition to calling veterans and the military “terrorists,” Syed also said that Chris Kyle was “clearly” a “maniac” that “terrorized innocents.”

When asked to explain his comments, Syed clarified by saying he doesn’t think all veterans are terrorists.

He wrote that his original comment “did not show the context in which I said this which would lead one to believe that I thought of the entire US Army as terrorists when in actuality I was only referring to those who served in Iraq.”

NIU student and Iraq war veteran Craig Genteman, who completed three tours as a combat medic including during the 2007 surge in Baghdad and the Sunni Triangle, said that “I am very disappointed by the Muslim Student Association (MSA) and other organizations such as the NIU Anthropology Club response towards our event.

“The homeless awareness event was coordinated to highlight homeless veterans and the issues that create homelessness in the veteran population such as PTSD etc. The MSA has twisted this narrative to make a political statement in an attempt to follow the narrative of other MSA chapters, at other universities across the nation.”

Muslim Student Association chapters and students at college campus have attempted to disrupt or pressure schools in Michigan, Missouri, and elsewhere to not show American Sniper.

The NIU Muslim Student Association discussed doing that, but Syed ludicrously feared that any such protest would lead the veterans that would be present to physically attack the MSA members and supporters.

As a veteran, Genteman found that mentality to be highly offensive, saying, “I find this rather insulting to be honest. This was an event to highlight veteran homelessness, never once did we say anything degrading about Muslims. The mentality is that veterans are basically crazy and will fly off the handle. That stereotype needs to stop.”

It should be noted that the NIU Muslim Student Association is affiliated with the national Muslim Student Association which in turn is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization as designated by the Egyptian government.

When the Muslim Brotherhood briefly took power following the ouster of President Mubarak they quickly tried to turn the once secular nation and ally in the war on terror into a tyrannical Sharia terror state.

The Muslim Brotherhood was in turn ousted in short order by the Egyptian military that wasn’t going to let roving mobs of Muslim Brotherhood members kill and terrorize the countries Coptic Christians into fleeing the country or allow the Sinai peninsula to be used as a terrorist base camp for launching attacks into Israel.