LUBBOCK, Texas – There’s a controversy brewing around Lubbock regarding an unappetizing school breakfast photo depicting what appears to be a tortilla shell with three tater tots and a few bacon bits.

KCBD reports the meal photo was shared by local parents on Facebook as an example of the puny offerings served up in schools under Michelle Obama’s “healthy” school food regulations, and the news site attempted to track down where the image originated.

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Officials in several area school districts, however, are denying responsibility for the failure as area parents continue to flood KCBD’s Facebook page with other examples.

Lubbock resident Maria Mendoza appears to have first posted the image to Facebook on Sept. 8 with a caption that read:

“My daughter sent me a picture what her school is serving them this morning(.) This isn’t enough food for high school kids. And during lunch they get 35 mins and there is (sic) so many kids that come don’t get through the line and than (sic) they’re late for class. Not enough seating either some have to sit on the floor to eat their lunch”

The news station contacted the Lubbock Independent School District about the post, but officials contend the viral photo didn’t come from LISD cafeterias.

“They say they could immediately tell because they do not have this style of table in any of their cafeterias,” KCBD reports.

Mendoza later noted in the comments section that the image came from Frenship High School, in the nearby Frenship Independent School District, but officials there also denied any knowledge of the meal.

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“A spokesperson tells us that the photo does not represent a meal advertised by their district,” KCBD reported in a follow up today. “The spokesman also tells us that they have not received any calls from parents concerned about the photo or meals.”

Facebook commenter Meno Israel Moreno posted an image yesterday showing a Frenship cafeteria table with the same pattern as Mendoza’s picture, and wrote: “It’s a friendship table alright …”

Matthew Ramos replied: “Yea it is. I spoke with a lunch lady and she said the (school) forgot to put the eggs in the burrito. She misread the recipe. They have since corrected it and from what I was told they will no longer serve that burrito.”

“How do you ‘forget’ to put eggs in a burrito that has a total of three internal components,” Jason Burreson posted in response to Ramos. “This is a matter of not caring and shoddy management. Joyce Trevino is the food service director. Email her your concerns: [email protected].”

The sad breakfast tortilla is only one example of numerous images area parents have posted to the KCBD Facebook page before, during and since the most recent debacle.

On Sept. 2, Myshell Deary sent an image of a school lunch tray with two small chicken nuggets atop a tortilla shell with a slice of cheese along with the caption: “As a concerned LISD parent I would really like to know what this is. My child deserves better!”

Earlier today, Myron Jim wrote “This is what AM breakfast looks like at Frenship High” with an image of a waffle topped with strawberries and what looks like whip cream. It was served with a box of raisins, chocolate milk and fruit punch.

Porsche Grimes also posted an image yesterday of a very small cheese burger, cookie and apple juice.

“LISD lunch. Burger wasn’t cooked all the way through either,” she wrote.