EVANS, Ga. – An outspoken, 13-year-old conservative activist is fighting back against a teacher at Columbia Middle School who allegedly told his students he wouldn’t save the boy in a fire.

Columbia Middle School sixth-grade teacher Michael Garrison told students that black conservative activist student CJ Pearson is “not worth saving in a fire” and he “hates him,” Pearson told BizPac Review.

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Pearson rose to fame when he was blocked by President Obama’s Twitter page. He’s created numerous viral videos and enjoys tens of thousands of followers on social media, a movement that’s undoubtedly driven by his numerous appearances on Fox News.

Pearson said several students in Garrison’s class reported the teacher made the comments Friday, as well as the claim Pearson cheated on a vocabulary test when he was in sixth grade. Pearson adamantly denies cheating, and told EAGnews the teacher’s behavior amounts to bullying.

“Every single day, I get tons of hate on the internet but I never let it get to me,” Pearson said. “But to get that same hate from a teacher in a place that’s supposed to be a safe haven for students? Outrageous and completely inexcusable.

“He should be terminated,” he added. “If students are to be held to a zero tolerance bullying standard, so should teachers.”

AllenBWest.com reports:

Pearson told me the comments came when the class was discussing past students. A student in the sixth grade class mentioned Pearson because that student knew Pearson had been in the class two years ago. The student who heard the remarks texted Pearson that Garrison said Pearson thinks he’s “all that and a bag of chips” and “not worth saving in a fire.”

“It’s always great having a teacher that’s not only a liberal bully, but someone who engages in slander,” Pearson told BizPac Review sarcastically.

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Pearson’s personal website states “If one word could describe CJ Pearson, it would be effective. At 13 years old, CJ Pearson commands a brand, following, and political message that inspires the youngest of followers to even an older generation of conservatives.

“Since the age 8, CJ has considered himself a conservative. With a Facebook base of over 29,000 followers and a YouTube channel viewership of well over 2 million, in less than two months, CJ Pearson’s work can be seen in many networks” including “Fox News, the Washington Times, USA Today, and from commentators including Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham.”

“ … CJ founded the Young Georgians in Government,” according to CJPearson.org. “He currently serves as executive director where he has introduced pieces of legislation to the Georgia General Assembly.”

WND highlighted the February 2015 YouTube video that made Pearson famous in which the then 12-year-old applauded Mayor Rudy Giuliani for condemning Obama’s refusal to eradicate ISIS.

“Here’s the truth of the matter: I don’t want to be politically correct. I don’t care about being politically correct,” Pearson said in the 3-minute video. “President Obama, You don’t love America. If you really did love America, you would call ISIS what it really is: an assault on Christianity, an assault on America and downright hate for the American values that our country holds – freedom of speech, freedom of religion and every single thing that our country stands for.”

Pearson went on to allege Obama actually fosters “hatred for America.”

“I hope that one day people will get enough guts to speak out against your downright hatred for this nation,” he said, going on to ridicule the president’s reluctance to attack ISIS. “When they kill innocent Americans that have done no wrong except report on what is their constitutional right as journalists and you do nothing about it, you don’t care about their lives. You could care less!

“But here’s what you need to realize: Here in America, we don’t back down to terrorists. We fight them on their own battleground, and we annihilate them till the very end. Here in America, we don’t allow the government to take away what we work for, but we continue to work harder so that we may continue to succeed,” he said.

Columbia Middle School Principal Eli Putnam issued a statement to BizPac Review Tuesday vowing to investigate the Garrison’s comments about Pearson.

“This was brought to our attention after it was posted on social media. We have been on an extended holiday weekend and will conduct a full review of the allegations once school resumes tomorrow,” Putnam wrote. “Columbia Middle School believes all students should be taught in a safe and positive environment. Accordingly, if the claims are substantiated we will handle the issue as a personnel matter.”