STATE COLLEGE, Pa. – A State College Area High School teacher was convicted of numerous sex crimes after a one day jury trial in which the victims testified he tried to exchange good grades for nude photos.

A jury convicted former State College Area High School teacher Wesley Amy, 28, of all charges against him for soliciting nude photographs from students in person and over Facebook in exchange for good grades, reports.

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Amy’s antics involved three students at the high school during his brief tenure from Oct. 2013 through May 2014. The teacher “began his grooming process early by initiating private Facebook conversations at all hours of the day and night with them; even when they were in school,” according to a release from the district attorney’s office cited by the news site.

Amy then lured the students in further by discussing cartoons and inviting them to non-school events.

“He knowingly isolated the youngest child victim and held a private Facebook discussion about pornography,” according to the release. “He knowingly disseminated a pornographic image of a teenager performing oral sex on an adult male, recommended a pornographic anime series, and even inquired about her sex life, asking whether she had engaged in sexual intercourse.”

“You can get an A or B, but you have to motivate me to give you that grade,” Amy wrote to one of the students, according to Centre Daily Times.

The Daily Collegian reports Amy eventually pressured the youngest student to send him nude photos. The former teacher alleged recruited another victim to his class, despite lacking the necessary prerequisites, by telling the girl he would “not fail her.”

Shortly after she joined the class Amy solicited naked images from her, as well, by giving her a thumb drive labeled “Plan B.” Amy told the girl in April 2014 that if she filled the drive with nude images he would count is as a 100 percent on her final, which she wouldn’t have to take.

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“The minor, trying to believe the best in an adult teacher, though he must be joking,” the press release stated. “So in response, she placed a silly photograph of a unicorn on the flash drive and turned it in to Amy.”

That apparently infuriated Amy, who returned the drive to the student and told her to “fix it,” according to

The teen told a friend about the ordeal, and the friend notified his mother, who contacted school officials and police.

“Students should feel safe at school,” district attorney Stacy Parks Miller said. “These girls were very brave for speaking out and testifying. We will seek an appropriate sentence for this egregious breach of trust by a teacher who was entrusted with our children.”

School officials told the Times Amy resigned his position May 8, only about seven months after he started. The state also revoked Amy’s teaching credentials.

The former teacher was convicted of one count of attempted sexual abuse of children, a second-degree felony, as well as two third-degree felonies for unlawful contact with a minor and disseminating sexual materials to minors. The jury also convicted him of three misdemeanor counts of corruption of minors.

Amy is scheduled to be sentenced Dec. 10 and will be required to register as a sex offender for the next 25 years, reports.