AUSTIN, Texas – A black Texas middle-school student threw a temper tantrum in a video that also shows adults seemingly unwilling to do anything to restore civility.

User bklynblke posted a nearly 3 minute tirade to LiveLeak Monday showing the young girl climb on top of tables in the Westview Middle School cafeteria before going off on a profanity-laced rant against school officials and law enforcement, repeatedly challenging them to “touch me, I dare you.”

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The video appears to have been recorded by a student sitting at an adjacent table, where other students seem unconcerned, as if it’s just another day at Westview Middle School.

It’s unclear what, exactly, set the girl off, but she references “smoking.”

An officer appears to be questioning the girl – dressed in zebra-style pants and a black jacket — about a plastic baggie before she screamed and stomped on the lunch tables as school officials urged her to get down.

“Yes, I was smoking, I was smoking, ehhhhh,” the girl screamed while doing a jig and taunting authorities – clapping, snapping and swinging her hair.

“What the f**k are they gonna do,” she said, “Tase my ass!”

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The student then parades around the cafeteria on top of the tables while officials follow her around, begging her to end the drama.

Students near the camera also opine on the situation.

“Ohh, she’s gonna get suspended,” one student said as the girl repeatedly defied police.

“She’s gonna get expelled,” said another. “What the heck is wrong with her.”

“She been smoking,” the first student shot back.

For at least 2 minutes the girl lectured school and police officials, clapping in their face and showing absolutely no respect for their authority. Every time one of the officers or school leaders reached to help her down, she threated violence.

“Don’t fu***** touch me,” she screamed.

It wasn’t until the student jumped down from the table, continuing to yell at officials “don’t touch me,” that several male school and police officials subdued her as she flailed wildly. Eventually, they hauled her out of the lunch room by her hands and feet.