MIDDLETON, Wis. – Annie Laurie Gaylor is on a mission: Stop local moms in Middleton, Wisconsin from organizing a weekly free lunch for students – including their own kids – because Jesus gets a mention.

Gaylor is a leader at the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a Madison based non-profit that agitates around the country to stop God’s name from being mentioned in the public square.

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On Tuesday, the Freedom From Religion Foundation organized a protest of the so-called “Jesus Lunch” at Middleton High School.

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The group showed up with pamphlets – lots of them – talking about the non-existence of God and the evils of allowing religious perspectives to be voiced in public education. They also brought a few cases of cookies and some cupcakes to sweeten the deal.

Unlike the Jesus Lunch organizers, however, the group didn’t bother to obtain a permit to use the park for the mid-day event. Take a look at the interview below to watch Gaylor defend her group’s mission and position.

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