PHILADELPHIA – The taxpayers of Philadelphia might be interested in knowing that they are on the hook for about $300 million to pay teachers and school administrators for days they did not work.

That’s right. The Philadelphia school district, like many other districts across the nation, have attendance polices for teachers and administrators that provide reimbursement for a certain number of unused sick and personal days.

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At the end of the 2014-15 academic year, Philadelphia teachers had banked a massive total of 1.18 million unused paid days off. The “calculated potential cost” to the district, if everyone is eventually reimbursed, comes to a blistering $252.2 million!

Administrators had banked 84,876 unused paid days off, leaving a potential long-term cost to the district of $47.5 million.

Payoffs for unused days off apparently happen on an annual basis in Philadelphia. At the end of the 2014-15 school year, teachers were paid a grand total of $11.1 million for 52,405 unused days while administrators were paid $2.9 million for 5,268 unused days.

Teachers and administrators are given 10 days off at the beginning of each school year. Twelve-month employees are given between one week and four weeks of paid vacation, depending on their length of service. They are all given three days of personal leave per year.

In 2014-15, teachers took a total of 54,496 sick days for an average of 6.95 per employee. They also took 13,591 personal days, for an average of 2.07 per employee.

Administrators took 1,439 sick days, for an average of 6.82 days per employee.