BRUNSWICK, N.Y. – Tamarac Elementary School officials are warning parents about multiple incidents involving strangers taking pictures and attempting to enter the school.

On Monday, a man and a woman were found taking pictures in the school parking lot at dismissal, and the Rensselaer County Sheriff and State Police are now investigating the incident, the Albany Times Union reports.

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“I approached these individuals, who stated they were from out of the country and had never seen buses like this at a school,” Principal Lindsay Morris told in a letter to parents. “I wrote the make, model, and license plate number down of the car, told the man and women they could not take photos and to leave school property.”

Morris also detailed two other incidents involving alleged out-of-towners that occurred Monday.

“Law enforcement (are investigating) … a number of reports including: a woman who approached the multi-purpose gym exterior doors at the Secondary School yesterday afternoon. Students in the lobby opened the door and spoke with the woman. She was looking for the Rensselaer County ARC – when told that she was not at the ARC, the woman did not enter the building and left school grounds. …

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“Another incident reported at 6 p.m. last night near the elementary playground was a student who spoke to two European couples in a car. They appeared to be lost, and were trying to find their way back to Albany,” Morris wrote to parents. “This was reported to police after my letter was posted last night. There was no inappropriate contact between the couples and the student. Law enforcement do not feel that this incident was related to the man and women taking photos of the school buses earlier that afternoon.”

The notice prompted a response on Facebook by Ballston Lake resident Amy Knussman, who she detailed similar incidents last week about 20 miles away.

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“Last week – An adult male was found outside Chango Elementary near the playground taking pictures at the bus stop. When questioned, he told the school he was lost, from outside the country and had never seen school buses before,” Knussman wrote, according to WTEN.

“This week – 25 min away from Chango a husband and wife team were found outside an elementary school with a camera with a similar story to the man above,” she continued before sharing a message from Morris.

Morris posted in response:

This same thing occurred at my school today in Brunswick. Two adults, blonde were taking pictures at dismissal. I approached them asked them to leave. They said they were from another country, Denmark and had never seen buses before.

I immediately alerted the police, took pics of the car and license plate, and sent a message to parents …. We will continue our investigation tomorrow. We will also have extra security in place. Too much coincidence.