BARNEGAT, N.J. – Barnegat father Chris Sharpe was flabbergasted when his second-grade daughter showed him what her class has been studying in school.

The Cecil S. Collins School student recently showed Sharpe a school worksheet that quotes from the Quran about cleanliness and explains to students how to keep up their appearance, including their traditional Muslim hijabs and thawbs, the Ashbury Park Press reports.

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“Allah loves those who make themselves clean and pure,” the worksheet reads.

Sharpe wasn’t impressed and spoke with other parents who shared his concerns about potential indoctrination at the elementary.

“Everybody was up in arms,” Sharpe told the news site.

The father took his concerns to school officials, who shrugged it off as an innocent mistake by a newer teacher who was filling in for the regular classroom instructor.

Barnegat Township School District Superintendent Karen Wood told Fox News the “novice instructor” had “downloaded a worksheet from the online sharing site Pinterest and utilized it during a lesson.”

“This worksheet – which was neither carefully reviewed by the teacher nor approved by an administrator – contained a religious reference, in clear violation of district policy,” she said.

“We recognize the significance of this error,” Wood continued. “Our parents have been extremely supportive as we take measures necessary to ensure that this remains an isolated incident.”

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Some locals, however, believe the district should take the situation a little more seriously.

“If this had the name of Jesus on it, there would be an even bigger outrage,” a local identified as “Mrs. Erskine” told Fox News. “I hope that proper precautions are made to prevent further indoctrination of Islam.”

Rob Russo, parent of a child in the district, believes school officials should send a message.

“While I understand that mistakes happen, I am seriously disappointed to learn that a teacher made independent changes to a lesson plan, resulting in information being given that didn’t follow subject matter, or state and local curriculum plans and chose to promote what seems to be their own agenda,” he said.

Sharpe, meanwhile, seems to be taking district officials on their word that the worksheet was an innocent, one-time mistake.

“Obviously you would hope that they would review everything a little bit more, but it happens,” he said. “I’m very happy to chalk it up as one of those things that just sort of happened.”

Folks who commented about the ordeal online aren’t convinced it all happened by accident.

“It was no accident,” Bob Johnson wrote. “Democrats across the country are pushing Islam on us.”

“I am a Muslim and I say that worksheet belongs in an Islamic school, not a public school,” Rida Chishti posted.

“Leftists have allied with Islamists because they both share a common enemy; Western Civilization,” John Sorger added.

Others poked fun.

“No, no, no. It isn’t Allah, it is Allan,” Nancy Shore posted. “He is the head custodian and likes a clean classroom.”