WASHINGTON, D.C. – A mother of a KIPP DC Spring Academy student is demanding justice after a surveillance video caught an adult in the school slugging her 7-year-old son in the stomach.

KIPP DC Spring Academy student John Mclean told WJLA he was in the school hallway around 8:30 a.m. last Wednesday when a man walking by stepped over to him, punched him in the stomach, and strolled out of the building.

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“I was in the hallway, the day was on Wednesday, and then somebody punched me in my stomach,” the boy said.

The school surveillance video shows the boy scuffle across the hallway into a classroom entrance as a man, later identified as a parent of another student, walked toward the exit. The man moved toward the boy, leaned over, and swatted his stomach with his left arm.

The child instantly dropped to the ground, clutching his stomach, while the man continued toward the exit. The parent looked back at Mclean laid out in the hallway, but simply left the building.

Another student quickly came to Mclean’s aid as the 7-year-old continued to hold his stomach.

Mclean said the blow hurt “real bad.”

“It made my stomach painful,” he said.

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Lena Mclean, the child’s mother, is furious. The woman said she knows the man who slugged her son, and had never had a problem with the parent in the past, WABC reports.

“You watched my son on that ground and you didn’t do nothing … and all you can say to me is you was playing,” she said. “You don’t bully a child, you don’t torment a child. I wouldn’t do that to you. I wouldn’t do that to none of your kids.”

“I’ll feel much better when he is locked up,” the mother said.

School officials sent a letter to parents about the incident.

“On Wednesday, an isolated incident occurred on campus between a student and a family acquaintance who was also a Spring Academy parent,” the statement read. “KIPP DC emergency protocol includes contacting the police, confirming a students’ (sic) health and safety with the nurse, and immediately notifying students’ families. …

“As this is an open police investigation, and in an effort to protect the privacy of the individuals involved, we are unable to provide additional details at this time.”

WJLA confirmed that a report was filed with the D.C. police, but the parent in the video has not yet been arrested.

Here’s the video: