PORTSMOUTH, N.H. – A Portsmouth High School teacher who dressed up as Donald Trump and danced to an expletive-laced song in class was suspended by school officials after a video of the stunt was posted online.

Geometry teacher Kara Kelley dressed as The Donald on Monday to mock the Republican presidential candidate by dancing around the classroom to the catchy tune “F**k Donald Trump,” student cell phone video posted by the Portsmouth Herald shows.

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Parent Michael Grondahl said his son texted him shortly after Kelly’s Monday morning performance to alert him that she was “making fun of” Trump.

“He texted us and he felt very uncomfortable,” Grondahl said. “It’s not even like this was a sociology teacher. This is a geometry teacher.”

Grondahal said the profanity laced music and political posturing was “in bad judgement.”

“She should be setting a better example,” he told the Herald.

At least one student recorded the incident and posted a video on Facebook, where it was shared among parents who commented that Kelley’s antics were “out of bounds” and “inappropriate.”

Portsmouth High School parent Marcy Baer said Kelley “crossed the line” with the routine, particularly because of the song’s repeated use of the “N” word.

“The song itself is very offensive,” she said, adding that she doesn’t think the incident warrants termination.

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The Herald posted a video of Kelley’s skit on its website but removed the offensive audio.

“It was poor judgement the teacher made today and you know what, we all make them,” she said. “She made a bad choice, so let’s show (the students) that’s not how we act in a social setting. It’s about the offensiveness in the classroom.”

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Portsmouth Superintendent Stephen Zadravec acknowledged the incident on Monday, but refused to discuss details, including what, if any, disciplinary action Kelley could face. He said Kelley was removed from the classroom, and condemned her actions.

“ … I will say that the teacher is not presently in the classroom and we are investigating the situation,” he wrote in a prepared statement.

“There is no place for offensive language in our school community, for is it our practice in school to support or discredit political candidates,” Zadravec wrote, according to CBS Boston.

Grondahl said Kelley previously questioned his son about Trump as a role model after the family attended a Trump rally in Portsmouth.

“It’s very hypocritical,” he said. “It’s extremely poor judgement.”

At least one student emailed the Herald to defend the teacher.

An anonymous student wrote that Kelley is “one of the most incredible, kind hearted, funniest people in our school” and blamed the incident on students in her class.

“She’s dressed up every year that I can remember, and this year she dressed up as Trump,” the student wrote. “Another student played the song, not her. Yes, she danced to it, but she did in no way intentionally play the song.”

Kelley did not return a call for comment from The Associated Press.

Here’s the video: