MEMPHIS, Mo. – “Prudence is thirty-four. She has had sex with twenty-one men and three women,” according an assignment for high schoolers in Scotland County, Missouri.

“After being celibate for three years, she meets Larry and a romance begins to develop. Larry is thirty-seven. One night he proposes that, things going the way he thinks they’re going between them, they talk about their sexual histories.”

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A concerned mother recently contacted Fox News columnist Todd Starnes about the assignment after her child received it in an English class at Scotland County R-1 Junior-Senior High School.

“Larry confesses to having slept with three women, one of whom he married. She tells him that she has slept with three men. Larry is uncomfortable with this number, especially since Prudence is younger than he is,” the assignment continued. “She amends it, saying that one was just heavy petting. Given Prudence’s reflexive need for approval and Larry’s clear ideas of how things should be, what percentage of the time will Prudence be inhibited in bed with Larry, and consequently fake orgasm to ease his pride?”

“This is something I imagine you would see on a coffee table in every brothel,” the irate mother told Starnes.

The unidentified woman said she contacted the school’s principal, who provided a lame excuse for the assignment.

“He told me that the teacher was originally a college teacher and he sometimes has trouble differentiating between what is appropriate for a 15- or 16-year-old and a 19 or 20-year-old,” she said.

Starnes called Ryan Bergeson, superintendent of Scotland County R-1 School District.

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“ … He seemed genuinely concerned about the assignment and promised to investigate,” Starnes wrote. “A few hours later, he returned my call and assured me the assignment was not part of any approved curriculum.

“He went on to tell me they took appropriate action with the teacher and promised this would never happen again. Ever,” he continued. “And based on the tone of his voice – I believe him.”

Those weighing in on the situation online were definitely not impressed with the perverted word problem.

“Fire this creep!” Katie posted to Twitter.

“I love teachers. And then there are the exceptions,” Ashala Faircrest added.

“More proof that we need a school voucher system across the USA,” K.J. Pritchard wrote.

“Further proof that public ‘education’ is the root cause of many of America’s greatest problems!” Howard Klueter posted.