PORTLAND, Ore. – A video of a Portland preschool teacher’s lecturing rant at police during last weekend’s protests makes it clear she’s not exactly a shining example of good behavior.

The two minute video posted to Twitter by user Rod Stryker shows the self-proclaimed teacher clad in all black as she lectured police who worked to protect her and other social justice warriors who came out to instigate a confrontation with thousands of pro-Trump supporters in downtown Portland on Sunday.

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The profanity-laced tirade provided a unique look at both the mentality of those who oppose the president and the type of folks who are shaping the minds of America’s youth.

“You have a responsibility. You put on the badge, you have a responsibility … to a higher standard. I pay my taxes, I pay your paycheck,” the woman said in the video. “I need you to serve and protect me. I feel scared. You can’t seek and destroy me.

“And this, today, I’m wearing all black,” she continued, directing her comments to police decked out in riot gear. “But normally I’m a single mom preschool teacher and I don’t need to feel scared. I don’t need this.

“I pay your paycheck. So it’s important that you have that … higher standard,” she said. “I teach black kids and white kids … why do I have to teach my black kids not to play with guns? … You can come into my classroom and you’re f**king officer friendly, but you come into my classroom and the black kids are scared as shit.”

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“Why? Why is that? That’s not f**king cool,” the teacher raged. “That’s not okay, and I have to sit there and deal with that every day. I’m not out here because it’s some f**king fashion show.

“I’m the good guy here,” she said. “You’re dressed up like I’m the f**king enemy. … You’re scaring us. I’m the one paying your paycheck, so go home tonight and think about the responsibilities you hold. Cause if one of you f**ks up, you should all take accountability for that.

“Just like one of us. If one of us throws something bad, I’m going to say f**ked up, that was f**ked up,” the rant continued. “That’s the way you guys should f**king operate.”

The description of the video posted by Stryker seemed to summarize it well: “#Unhinged snowflake Antifa schoolteacher goes ballistic on Portland cops at this weekend’s free speech Trump rally.”

The unidentified teacher, of course, was one of hundreds of left wing agitators who descended on the downtown area to counter a massive crowd of pro-Trump supporters who organized a free speech rally near City Hall, The Washington Times reports.

“By late afternoon, police closed nearby Chapman Square where a separate group of protesters – many wearing masks and black clothing and identified as anti-fascists – also demonstrated,” according to the news site. “Police used flash-bang grenades and pepper balls to disperse the crowd after saying protesters were hurling bricks and other objects at officers.”

In total, 14 people were arrested and numerous weapons were confiscated, including a dozen knives, bricks, and sticks.