BERNALILLO, N.M. – A Bernalillo Public Schools teacher is under investigation after a student in her world history class recorded her anti-Trump rant and forwarded it to district officials.

Neither the Bernalillo High School sophomore who recorded the conversation nor her teacher were identified by KRQE, but the television station reports the classroom lesson on Thursday centered on a political cartoon of President Trump surrounded by statements like “white supremacist,” “deport ‘em all,” “neo-nazis,” and others.

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“If you have a history teacher teaching you that Trump is good, then I feel really scared for you,” the teacher said.

“Technically, he is the immigrant,” the teacher said of Trump. “And if he’s saying all this stuff about immigrants – and who is his wife?”

“An immigrant,” students replied.

The student who recorded the lesson attempted to challenge the accuracy of the cartoon and pointed out that students did not consider similar materials when analyzing President Obama.

“Miss, why do you think there (were) never political cartoons like this talking to us about Obama?” the student questioned.

The teacher alleged there were cartoons of Obama.

“But, like, taught to us like this? I’m not sure there was, because, like, do you guys ever remember Obama cartoons like that?” the student said.

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“Obama was never very radical the way Trump is,” the teacher shot back. “Like, he didn’t make crazy statements like that, did he?”

“Usually, I’m not even biased, but, like, how can you not be when he’s just,” the teacher said before the student cut her off.

“There are some teachers here who like Trump,” she said.

At least two parents told the news site they’re considering transferring their children out of the teacher’s class because of her biased perspective.

The father of the student who made the recording is a Democrat, KRQE reports, but he’s questioning whether the teacher can cover issues without a bias against the president.

Bernalillo Public Schools Interim Superintendent Keith Cowan described the recording “very concerning,” but would not comment on the situation other than to say the teacher will be dealt with “at the appropriate level,” according to the news site.

And while Cowan said he has no issue with a student recording their teacher, the district may review its policies to ensure students are only using their devices for educational purposes.

The incident sparked a heated debate in the KRQE comments, with several folks defending the teacher.

“Nazi claim or not, Trump and his actions will go down as history,” Adam K wrote. “Informing young Americans about his hateful manor should not be punished.”

Many others, of course, think the teacher’s comments were way out of line.

“That’s indoctrination, not education,” Dudley DoRight posted.

“She wasn’t teaching. She would not answer the students question,” Coyote 7 added. “Wow one way or the highway. That’s not teaching.”

“And so this is how these protests conducted by brainwashed masses pulling down American statues and beating on others begins in the classroom from this type of behavior as with this teacher,” Drewski wrote. “They are teaching their political beliefs and not real history. They are making America dumb again. I’m glad there are brave students such as this who will stand up and reveal who these teachers really are.”

KRQE reports that students have since rallied in support of their teacher to ensure she’s not fired for her inappropriate comments.

The teacher was absent from class on Friday, and some students worry she might not be back.

“We lost a day of our education,” student Micaela Vigil said. “Our parents are not glad that this has happened because we should be educated just as well as other students should be.”

Another student and self-professed Trump supporter said the teacher, also her coach, is opinionated about Trump but doesn’t shut down those who disagree with her.

“I personally support the president and me and my coach, we do have debates and we do talk about it and we do educate each other,” student athlete Indiana Madrid said. “I do see her point and she sees mine.”