WILMINGTON, Del. – A news site called Exceptional Delaware recently addressed the topic of administrator salaries in the Brandywine, Delaware school district.

The website noted that Brandywine Superintendent Mark Holodick was the highest paid public school official in the state in 2014, with a reported income of $214,176, with his base salary and benefits added up.

It went on to say that if Holodick’s “perks” remained the same as they were four years ago, he would be making $238,452, which would mean “Holodick got a huge raise from the district!”

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We’ve got news for the folks at Exceptional Delaware. The superintendent definitely got a huge raise over the past four years, and it’s far more than what they estimated.

His 2016-17 base salary was $199,198.08, according to information provided by the school district through a public information request. His “education contractual fringe” came to $35,079.07. His health insurance cost the district $21,438.48.

His medical “flex credit” cost $3,274.32. His dental “flex credit” cost $1,978.32. His prescription “flex credit” cost $896.64. His vision “flex credit” came to $473.52. He also received a “supplemental life” benefit worth $583.92.

It all added up to $262,922.35, about $25,000 more than the website estimated it would be in 2018.

A lot of administrators in the Brandywine district made a great deal of money in 2016-17, due to very nice base salaries and expensive benefits.

Sixty administrators were paid a total sum of $7,205,035.73 in base salary alone, for an average of $120,083.93.

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All but two of those employees received health insurance coverage from the district, at a total cost of $1,020,795.13. That averaged out to $17,599.92 per employee.

That brings the average compensation for a Brandywine administrator, with just base salary and health insurance added up, to $137,683.85.

The amount of money paid to four other high-level administrators, just below the superintendent, illustrate just how much benefits inflated their total compensation packages.

Assistant Superintendent Lincoln Hobler made a base salary of $151,772.12. With his health insurance cost of $24,412.80 and other smaller benefits, his total compensation came to $180,640.43.

Human Resources Director Kimberly Doherty had a base salary of $143,595.70 and a total compensation package of $172,436.41.

Special Education Director Linda Lawson and Curriculum and Instruction Director Cary Riches each had base salaries of $143,595.70 and total compensation packages of $171,239.77.

No wonder so many people would like to see Delaware reduce its number of school districts and the huge administrative costs that come with them.