A Jacksonville, Florida teacher is under fire after she was busted on video stealing Republican campaign signs in the community.

Mary Dobbins, a special education teacher at Jacksonville’s Westside High School, told WTLV she recently stole several political signs from the local GOP headquarters by “accident,” and later contacted the office to set things right.

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“On Thursday night, Dobbins told First Coast News she thought the signs had been placed illegally,” according to the news site. “She says she later realized her mistake, called the GOP to explain and then returned the signs.”

Volunteers with the Republican office claim otherwise. One spokesperson called Dobbins a “serial sign stealer,” and volunteer Karen Morton said the missing signs have been an ongoing problem since July.

Morton said 15-20 signs went missing at the GOP building earlier this month.

That was around the same time witnesses at a local shopping center took photos and video of Dobbins swiping signs in broad daylight. Jacksonville City Councilman Doyle Carter told the WTLV he also busted Dobbins stealing signs in August but did not report the incident to police because he believed it was a one-time incident.

“She got scared so she started to put them back but she didn’t remember where she got them so she just put them in places,” Doyle told the news site. “It’s not fair to the little guy who is trying to get his name out and the supporters trying to support that candidate.”

A WTLV reporter attempted to confront Dobbins about the other incidents, but she did not respond.

Officials with Duval County Public Schools also did not respond to requests for comment.

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Morton told WTLV police are now investigating the sign thefts, which is typically a misdemeanor but could rise to a felony depending on the number and value of the missing signs.

Folks online, meanwhile, are speaking out against Dobbins and using the incident as a rallying call for the November election.

“Jacksonville, Florida high school teacher stealing my right to free speech & yours!” Karen O posted to Twitter, along with a video of Dobbins swiping signs last week. “Keep this video going, fire up our base! VOTE RED!”

“That turned out to be a high school teacher? Unreal. You wonder why your kids are so jacked up and how they are being indoctrinated?” Rob Alaniz added. “Right there in Public school everyday.”

Others, meanwhile, suggested the incident is only the most recent reminder that parents should keep a close eye on what their children are learning in school.

“I had to explain to my 8-year old grandson that President Trump is NOT going to start WWIII – in fact he’s trying to fix everything for ALL of us. He was told at school that Trump is evil. His older brother believes that too. The teachers have been indoctrinated,” EvenlynDanielle posted.

“My kids are so pissed off at teachers trying to indoctrinate them with half baked political theories,” user “Coming up for air” added. “My teen boys have become more conservative than I’m sure anybody in my family has ever been in history because of political illiterates trying to force feed unlearned doctrines.”