A former Florida teacher convicted of unlawful activity with minors tried to avoid prison by offering up his manhood on Wednesday, but the judge wasn’t interested.

Mark Ryan Lua, 32, was a teacher at Washington High School last January when police learned he used a fake social media account to pose as an adult woman and convince a female student to send him an explicit video, NorthEscambia.com reports.

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Lua allegedly admitted to catfishing the student, and his arrest led investigators to other crimes.

“After Lua was initially arrested, additional female students came forward and testified that Lua had sex with them at his home while his wife was away. Lua was not interviewed regarding the additional allegations, but text messages provided by one of the students corroborated her account,” according to the news site.

Investigators believe Lua began targeting the teens when he was a teacher at Ferry Pass Middle School. He was fired from the Escambia County School District last spring, MEAWW reports.

According to a report from the Pensacola News Journal last year:

Although arrest reports state Lua’s accusers ranged in age from 16 to 18 at the time of the sexual offenses, the documents indicate Lua first came into contact with victims as far back as 2013 when he was a teacher at Ferry Pass Middle School.

A Feb. 8 probable cause affidavit documenting one student’s accusations of rape says, “at this time, the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office and the Pensacola Police Department have identified two other juveniles that Lua began befriending and ‘grooming’ for sexual exploitation while he was a middle school teacher.”

The student who said Lua forced himself on her told investigators she first met Lua while she was a seventh grader attending Ferry Pass Middle School, according to an arrest report. Lua gave her his phone number, and the girl said she grew to trust Lua and think of him as a father figure because he listened to her problems. 

The student said when she reached high school age, she began spending time at Lua’s home, and that during two of these visits in 2017, Lua initiated intercourse with her.

Another student offered a similar story.

Lua pleaded no contest in October to one count of promoting the sexual performance of a child and three counts of unlawful sexual activity with certain minors, and he made an unusual request at his sentencing hearing this week in a bid to avoid prison.

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It didn’t work.

Lua “asked for physical or chemical castration instead of prison time, but that was rejected by the judge when he was sentenced Wednesday,” NorthEscambia.com reports.

“Escambia County Circuit Court Judge Thomas Dannheisser sentenced … Lua to 12 years in state prison to be followed by 15 years of sexual offender probation. He was also designated as a sexual offender and will have to comply with all reporting requirements for the remainder of his life.”