A Pennsylvania principal is under investigation for sharing a meme on Facebook that alleged the Black Lives Matter movement is a “leftist lie.”

Shallow Brook Intermediate School Principal Scott D’Orazio shared a meme on his private Facebook page featuring The Hodgetwins, two black brothers who produced a video titled “Black Lives Matter Is A Leftist Lie.”

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“You would never see me walking down the road with a Black Lives Matter sign,” one of the brothers said in the video.

“Look here, this whole Black Lives Matter, why I can’t get down with this organization. The main reason, your whole narrative that police officers are hunting down black men on the daily … that was built on a lie,” the other brother said.

The brothers argued that the white community holds its members to a higher standard than the black community, and alleged some unarmed criminals in confrontations deserve to be shot, regardless of race.

“You got to realize what the media’s doing to you,” the first brother said. “That Black Lives Matter organization is just to keep black folks upset because the Democrats want you to vote for the Democrats.”

“Yeah, that’s the whole point of this organization, to keep black people pissed off so they can keep you enslaved mentally like you need them, because they’re supposed to be y’all’s saviors,” the other agreed.

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D’Orazio did not comment on the video, but rather simply posted it to his private Facebook page, meaning the post was only accessible to his friends.

But the Twitter account We See What You’re Doing called out the principal on Twitter, and tagged both D’Orazio and Shallow Brook Intermediate school, the York Dispatch reports.

“You posted this to your facebook account, why not here?” the account mocked. “Why not Tweet it from your school? Do Black Lives matter in your school?”

William J. Zee, the district’s solicitor, told the Dispatch he’s “looking into” D’Ozario’s online activities, but refused to discuss the situation further.

Northeastern school board President Margie Walker and D’Orazio also had nothing to say.

Walker told the Dispatch the matter was turned over to the district’s “legal counsel.”

Other board members and Superintendent Stacey Sidle didn’t bother to respond to requests for comment, according to the news site.

The principal’s troubles come about nine months after he was named in a federal lawsuit by two nurses in the Northeastern School District who alleged they were mistreated by D’Orazio. The nurses accused D’Orazio of verbal harassment and creating a hostile work environment, though the case did not involve racial issues.

“Court documents reveal in September of 2018, D`Orazio accused the two nurses of spreading rumors of an affair between he and a school aide. Both nurses denied the claims,” FOX 43 reports.

“In September 2018, after rumors of an affair began circling around the school, D`Orazio allegedly held (one of the nurses) against her will, refusing to let her leave a room while demanding to see her cell phone on which he believed there were photos and videos of him and another school employee.”

District officials denied the claims and settled out of court in November.