A Worcester high school principal wants the court to know a student recently busted with a bag of Molotov cocktails at a Black Lives Matter protest is welcome back any time.

The revelation came at a hearing on Thursday for 18-year-old Vincent Eovacious, who was arrested at a Monday protest with a satchel full of firebombs and the means to ignite them.

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The Boston Herald reports:

“This is a young man who is a very, very good student, who has a part time job and has a lovely family,” said Jessica Thrall, Eovacious’ lawyer, in a Thursday afternoon virtual court hearing.

Thrall said Eovacious’ high school principal wrote a letter acknowledging the charges and criminal proceedings, “They are welcoming him back to school.”

Prosecutors contend Eovacious wasn’t very lovely when an officer spotted him pacing on the roof of the Pennywise Market “armed with several Molotov cocktails,” federal officials said in a prepared statement.

Eovacious was dressed in a trench coat while pacing on the building marked “no trespassing” while shouting for those below to “kill police,” Mass Live reports.

An officer allegedly witnessed the teen pull a bottle from his satchel and attempt to set the fuse, and police caught up with Eovacious minutes later near Main and May streets with his satchel. When they searched it, they found “three clear glass bottles with a slightly yellow liquid that smelled of gasoline, five white rags, one green lighter and one silver lighter,” according to the statement.

“This defendant was in possession of several Molotov Cocktails and appeared intent to use them as lethal devices against Police Officers while they were protecting the rights of protestors,” said ATF Special Agent in Charge Kelly D. Brady. “This violent act puts [our] entire community, protestors and first responders alike, at risk.”

Eovacious, among 19 arrested following the Monday protest, faces federal charges of civil disorder and possession of a firearm. He’s also facing state charges for attempted arson of a dwelling, disturbing the peace, and attempt to commit a crime, according to the news site.

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The teen allegedly told police he’s a member of an anarchist group, and he was “waiting for an opportunity” to deploy the firebombs, U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling’s office wrote in the statement.

At the Thursday hearing, Thrall cited Eovacious’ age and “mental health background” as reasons why detention would be “detrimental” to his client.

“I think it would particularly traumatic for him,” Thrall said.

Eovacious is currently at a Rhode Island detention facility, where the judge ordered him held until his hearing concludes today.