New York University plans to implement racially segregated housing on campus in response to requests from ultra woke students who think it will help heal racism at the school.

According to the World Socialist Web Site:

Since late June, the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services at New York University (NYU) has been working closely with a small, student-led task force to make racially segregated housing a reality in undergraduate student dorms.

On July 20, Washington Square News, the weekly undergraduate student newspaper of NYU, published an article titled “Student-Led Task Force Calls for Black Housing on Campus,” in which they reported on the university’s willingness to help implement residential communities open solely to “Black-identifying students with Black Resident Assistants.” Since then, the university has officially given the project a green light, aiming to have NYU’s first segregated residential floor established by Fall 2021.

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The Federalist explains the move comes at the behest of a new group on campus that calls itself the “Black Violets.”

“We, members of the Black student body, demand that NYU implement Black student housing on campus in the vein of themed engagement floors across first-year and upperclassmen residence halls. These floors would serve to celebrate Black culture and build community among Black-identifying students,” the group wrote in a petition that’s garnered about 1,100 signatures of support.

The group offered “five conditions to support this proposal”: “floors completely comprised of black-identifying students with black resident assistants,” “black programing and in-hall events,” “required bias and diversity training for ALL residents,” strict disciplinary action for any behavior perceived as racist, and “a board of student leaders” focused on diversity and racism in residence halls.

Black Violets co-founder Nai Robinson told Washington Square News NYU neglects black students, despite claims to the contrary.

“There is nothing to protect us,” Robinson said. “Literally no systems in place. What do you do when your professor is racist and wants to take it out on your grades? Microaggressions in classroom discussions?”

“With all that is going on this summer and NYU itself having their own instances of racism, they continue to send out these blanket statements about scholarships and Juneteenth and changing their banner black for Black Lives Matter,” Robinson said. “But they still do not make the university equitable or make the structural changes we as Black students have been asking for.”