The pandemic has been hard for many of us. With schools closing and people losing jobs, it has genuinely challenged everyone. For the past two years, we have continued to live our life inside the comfort of our own homes. And with this came the side effects such as loss of socialization skills for children and teens and motivation to continue their studies.

Online classes truly have been a challenging setup for everyone. Not everyone had access to an internet connection and gadgets. It changed many of the students. But after two years of isolation, the government has slowly decided to open the schools and practice face-to-face classes. We may be a little rusty on how to return to the old normal since it’s been a while. So if you’re wondering how you’re going to prepare for face-to-face classes, this article will give you all the answers.

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#1 Prepare your hygiene kit

Of course, even if schools have slowly been reopening, this doesn’t mean that the virus is completely gone. We still need to follow the protocols imposed by the government and have our hygienic supplies. This is to ensure that we stay safe and away from germs. We must continue the quarantine and distancing practices we had when we were all required to isolate.

Since we will be more exposed to people, it may be harder to keep your distance. Thus, it’s important to make sure that you can protect yourself as much as possible with face masks, alcohol, tissues, wipes, and hand sanitizers.

#2 Prepare your requirements

Aside from preparing all the things you need to ensure your safety against the virus, it’s also essential to prepare the requirements your school asks of you. Every school requirement would differ, so what your school bag should contain is all up to you and your school.

For those of you going for US immigration, make sure you’ve researched enough about the school you’ll be going to and some of the items and papers that they may ask of you. If you still feel confused about what documents to fill out and such regarding your transfer, you can always consult lawyers for immigration to help you with this process.

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#3 Get vaccinated

To protect yourself from the virus that still lingers in the air, you must get vaccinated. It lowers your risks of getting COVID-19, and it also lessens the probability of passing the virus on to someone else. Additionally, even if you get the virus, the symptoms would be much milder than those unvaccinated. The vaccine reduces the chances of getting hospitalized and dying when infected with COVID-19.

#4 Fix your productivity schedule

It’s possible classes would be hybrid, a mix of both online and face-to-face, so you must continuously be aware of what your schedule would be. Moreover, having a productivity schedule would help you plan your day better. It would give you an idea of what your day would be like, what are things you can do in your free time, and the like. Having a productivity schedule can organize your life lessen the instances of procrastination, unproductivity, etc.

A productivity schedule can help you squeeze in the things you love to do both outside and inside your house. Whether this would be working out, spending time with friends and family, or just taking a nap, implementing this practice can significantly improve your mood and productivity.

#5 Organize your gadgets

As mentioned earlier, the new setup would likely be a mixture of both online and face-to-face. So, aside from fixing your physical items, you shouldn’t forget to organize your gadgets. If you have apps that you’re not using or unneeded photos taking up the storage, now is the time to clean them.

Having both a clean bag and an organized phone can help you stay motivated to study. Ensure that the items you are removing aren’t ones that could boost your productivity. If cleaning isn’t more of your style, then you can also start disciplining yourself by adding screentime and such on your gadgets. In doing so, you can increase productivity and eliminate as many distractions as possible.


It can be a little scary to go back to the old normal, especially when it’s something we haven’t experienced for the past two years. But the good news is you’re not alone. Everyone will be tackling this old and, at the same time, new practice. With that said, we hope you found this article educational, and we wish you luck as you prepare to return for your face-to-face classes.