You only need to go a few years back in history to see the connection between the UK and Cyprus. As a former colony of the United Kingdom, the two nations still enjoy strong bilateral ties. Hence, if you are moving from Cyprus to the UK, you are most welcome.

Meanwhile, as applies to all migration, there are things you need to know before setting out on your journey. Read on to keep abreast of them.

Brexit is no Deterrence

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Although the UK is no longer a part of the European Union, citizens of Cypriot or holders of the Cyprus passport can live, study and work in the UK. As earlier stated, Cyprus and the UK enjoy a strong tie, extending even to military connections. For example, the UK has two sovereign base areas (SBAs) in Cyprus. That is enough proof of their close ties.

You can Enter the UK with your National Passport

The UK is among the list of countries citizens of Cyprus can enter without a visa. Your national passport is sufficient for identification. You have to go to the UK immigration counter and present your passport or travel documents to the official. After verification that you are a Cypriot, you would get an entry stamp and be able to stay as long as the stamping specifies. The duration is not often more than six months.

Meanwhile, you must adhere strictly to the purpose of your visit as specified in your travel document. For example, you may not conduct any business or work during your stay as a tourist.

You May Need a Visa

If you plan to do paid or volunteer work, school, or get married in the UK as a Cypriot, you must apply for a corresponding visa. Several visa options guarantee an extended stay in the UK.

To work in the UK, you need a work visa. You must already have a job offer in the UK, among other requirements, before applying for a work visa.

The same applies to studying in the UK as a Cypriot. UK institutions are pretty receptive to international students. It shouldn’t take long before you get an offer from an institution of your choice.

There are other rules for specific nations in the UK concerning immigration. You should learn about them as well to avoid stepping on government toes.

You can become a British Citizen

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Cyprus recognizes dual citizenship, so if you’re looking to obtain British citizenship, that is no problem. First, you must gain access to the UK with the appropriate visa. After staying for five years, you can apply for indefinite leave to remain.

When the UK government grants you this permit, you can request citizenship. Hopefully, you should have been contributing positively to the growth of the UK nation where you settled.

The UK government also allows dual citizenship. That means you don’t have to revoke the citizenship of your country before your request is granted.

Prepare for Cultural Shock

Cyprus has a more traditional and rural lifestyle than the UK. Again, both regions differ in their official language. While the official language in Cyprus is Greek and Turkish, that of the United Kingdom is English. Again the collectivist inclination of Cyprus contrasts with the UK’s individualistic pattern.

Economical Circumstances

According to economic data from 2020, the United Kingdom’s GDP per capita is 40,284.64 USD, superior to Cyprus’ 26,623.80 USD. So, if you are moving from Cyprus to the UK, you stand a chance of making more money. And how sure is this? The unemployment rate in the United Kingdom is about three times lesser than in Cyprus, being only 3.8%.

The balancing factor is that the cost of living in the UK is also generally higher than remaining in Cyprus. From housing to feeding, the UK is more financially demanding.

Meanwhile, brace up for more taxes than you paid in your country. But do not let this information scare you, as you would probably be earning more in the UK than you ever did in Cyprus.

Climate Difference

Get ready to move from a region of the intense Mediterranean climate to a temperate and humid one. Cyprus features long, dry summers and short autumns and springs. The winter season is also mild.

On the other hand, the UK has relatively small temperature differences in summer and winter. Having more coastlines, expect that both summer and winter can get wet. And when it gets cold, you’d best be prepared for it.

The Close

According to data from 2021 in the open domain, there are already over 21,000 Cyprus nationals living in the UK. That shows how successful emigration has been for many citizens of Cyprus.

Most importantly, you should check to see the most sought-after jobs in the UK and begin preparing to take up one of them. You would not be eligible for government financial support until you have stayed long enough, usually five years.

Hence, you need to prepare financially to move. The good part is that the difference in values of both countries isn’t too vast. So, if you’ve done well for yourself in Cyprus, you shouldn’t have a hard time in the UK.