“You’ve got monies that you gotta spend, we have
a team that can come and help you spend it.”
–cultural sensitivity trainer Dr. Samuel Betances


EAGnews article series:

Part I: Teacher program focuses on ‘white privilege,’ creating separate standards for minority students
Part II: Wisconsin teacher program treats Thanksgiving like alien invasion, undermines American history

What is happening to America?

We’re being transformed and re-created to fit the desire of radical leftists.

In Wisconsin, teachers chant “the Pilgrims were illegal aliens.” Students are encouraged to wear “white privilege” bracelets. Educators honor a Madison-based group founded on the principles of radical racist Black Panther Stokley Carmichael.

EAGnews.org blows the lid off a controversial teacher training program called CREATE Wisconsin in “RE-CREATING AMERICA: Cultural Sensitivity in Wisconsin Schools.”

We reveal the race-obsessed Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is spending at least $890,000 a year on a program where teachers are told there is a racial intent for their colleagues to classify minority students as “special education.”

They learn about “white privilege,” how to overcome their “whiteness” and other outrageous ideas.

Wisconsin bureaucrats are spending our hard-earned tax dollars to change the way teachers and students think.

Radicals are changing America. Who will hold them accountable?