HOUSTON – A Houston teacher is accused of writing reminder notes on forgetful student’s foreheads.

B on forheadVictor Jimenez said his 8-year-old son came home from Thurgood Marshall Elementary School with what appeared to be the letter “B” written in the middle of his forehead, reports KPRC.

The student allegedly received the punishment because the second grader forgot to complete his homework from the night before.

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But it’s not clear what exactly the “B” stands for.

“For me, (the teacher) does not have any professionalism or ethics at all,” Jimenez KPRC. “I do not understand how he can continue being a teacher.”

Other parents of students in the same classroom are equally upset.

“There’s a different way you can teach them,” said Shaunda Hurd. “I hope my child doesn’t come home with marker on her forehead.”

And according to Jimenez, this is not the first time that the teacher has been reported for similar incidents.

“(Other students) have also been marked on their arms. (The principal) has a list of kids involved,” Jimenez said in the report.

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The school district is not denying this claim.

In a written statement, a spokesman for the district told reporters, “Administrators launched an investigation and met with the teacher, who confirmed the report. The situation is being handled as a personnel matter, and the teacher has been directed to cease the practice.”