DES MOINES, Iowa – At least one teacher in America thinks it’s appropriate to have sex with a colleague in a classroom closet, and that it doesn’t constitute “willful workplace misconduct.”

Shocked GirlHigh school science teacher Robert L. Brown was reportedly caught on camera fornicating with a colleague during lunchtime and after the school day.

“We had complaints there was a student in the classroom one time and those two had gone into the closet. … When they go into the closet and make noises and then come out, there is kind of an assumption of what is going on,” Columbus Community School District Superintendent Marlene Johnson testified in a hearing on the matter, according to USA Today.

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The school district reportedly set up a video camera in the classroom closet and captured Brown and a female colleague having sex.

Presented with the evidence, Brown was given options of resigning or firing. He resigned and filed for unemployment benefits.

The school district fought his request on the grounds he engaged in “willful workplace misconduct.” Administrative Law Judge Lynette Donner agreed.

The judge opined that Brown’s actions, “particularly after being advised that a perceived relationship could be a problem, shows a willful or wanton disregard of the standard of behavior the employer has the right to expect from an employee.”

USA Today reports Brown was defended by the Iowa State Education Association.