CHICAGO – Those parents fighting Common Core and its built-in student data collection are just paranoid, Common Core advocates insist.

computer_nervousHowever, Chicago Public School parents learned this weekend that personal data about 2000 of their children has been displayed online since the summer.

The records personal records of students whose eyes were examined in a free vision screening had been visible online for months without anyone realizing – until a city resident notified authorities. Another computer glitch …

The data — that included the student’s name, date of birth, gender, identification number, vision exam date, diagnosis and school name — was uploaded to the city’s computer system between June 18 and July 31. On Oct. 7 a city resident alerted officials that the information was online, [Chicago city spokeperson Shannon] Breymaier said.

“Upon learning of the misconfiguration, corrective steps were immediately taken to mitigate the problem and remove this information and all cached and archived versions of the data from the Internet,” Breymaier said. “The glitch was isolated to the vision program and did not impact any other city programs.”

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Parents outraged about the privacy threats linked to growing student data collection systems find that disclaimer difficult to believe.  Breymaier said it took from October until now to figure out what happened, which students were affected and to implement “safeguards.” She said letters to parents were sent out Friday, during the holiday weekend.

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