ATLANTA – A Douglas County elementary school principal has been arrested and charged with trying to have sex with a child.

John McGill, a public school administrator for 18 years, was arrested earlier this month in an undercover investigation conducted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Child Exploitation and Computer Crimes Unit, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

He was charged under the Computer Pornography and Child Exploitation Prevention Act of 1999.

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McGill was one of 14 people arrested after he traveled with the intent to meet a child for sex. There was no indication in the news story that the child McGill planned to meet was a student at his school.

The GBI released a statement regarding the arrests:

“The purpose of ‘Operation Broken Heart’ was to arrest persons who communicate with children on-line and then travel to meet them for the purpose of having sex,” the statement said. “On-line child predators visit chat rooms and websites on the internet, find children, begin conversations with them, introduce sexual content and arrange a meeting with the children for the purpose of having sex.”

McGill has been suspended pending the law enforcement investigation and the school board has hired an interim principal in his place.

He is reportedly married with six children and three grandchildren.