MECHANICSBURG, Pa. – A high school teacher has resigned in the wake of accusations that she performed a sex act with a male student in her classroom.

School district officials learned this week that Emily Nesbit, 31, a former 11th grade English teacher at Cumberland Valley High School, was allegedly involved in an inappropriate relationship with a student.

Police obtained a search warrant for the cell phones of the teacher and the student after another student claimed she saw messages and pictures of a sexual nature on the student’s phone.

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In his phone, the student had labeled Nesbit as “My Lady Friend,” reports

The cellphone records revealed that Nesbit and the student often exchanged sexual pictures and that the former teacher frequently expressed her desire to have sex with the boy in the classroom.

The text messages also inferred that some sexual activity had already taken place and Nesbit often encouraged the student to come “meet” her in the classroom during school hours.

The student did not deny the relationship and admitted that the two had held hands and kissed in the past. He said that he would meet with Nesbit in her classroom a couple times a week after school, reports

On one of those occasions, Nesbit admittedly performed a sex act with the student, according to the news report.

The former teacher has confessed to the allegations and charges are still pending.

Wrestling coach uses an illegal move

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A Tinley Park High School teacher/wrestling coach resigned this week after being charged with having sex with a female student.

Ryan Dolan, 29, allegedly had sexual encounters with a female student who is under the age of 18, reports WLS.

The alleged encounters took place away from school property. Police are also investigating Dolan regarding the possible possession or use of child pornography.

Dolan is facing two counts of felony criminal sexual assault and his bail conditions state that he is to have no contact with the victim or anyone else under 18 without a parent present

Dolan, who had been employed by the school for seven years, allegedly had a “clean record” and was respected by faculty and students, according to WLS.

School Superintendent Bill Kendall is obviously upset with the circumstances.

“It’s frustrating, disheartening,” Kendall said. “Our minds are on getting back to education and helping our student (the alleged victim) get back to being a successful member of our school district.”

Teacher, student relationship

A former teacher at Alief Elsik High School in Houston is accused of having a five-month relationship with a student in 2013, reports KHOU.

Ricardo Rangel, or “Steven” as the female student allegedly referred to him, was charged this week with sexual assault of a child and improper relationship with a student.

Rangel began working in the district in August of 2012 and resigned in January of that school year, after allegedly having sex with the 15-year-old student, KHOU reports.

The student claims that Ricardo “Steven” Rangel took her to his home in early January 2013. They were allegedly watching television in a bedroom when “Steven” climbed on top of her and began having sex.

Even though Rangel resigned his position that month, the relationship allegedly continued until June.