PORTLAND, Ore. – Common Core is running into some resistance in Oregon’s largest school district.

At tonight’s meeting of the Portland Public School Board, member Steve Buel is expected to offer a resolution to have the district “take a legislative position that the state should suspend the implementation of Common Core for a period of at least three years and until this untested mandate has received adequate research and been field-tested,” reports OPB.org.

Buel’s resolution is also expected to urge the district to inform Portland parents of their right to opt their children out of Common Core testing, which began this spring, OPB.org adds.

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The resolution will reportedly also ask the administration to form a committee to study the validity of the one-size-fits-all math and English standards and their implementation within Portland Public Schools.

Buel, a former teacher of more than 40 years, said the nationalized learning standards require districts to invest way too much time in standardized testing.

“The time and energy that we’re spending on Common Core, to do the testing, do professional development, and the time being spent in class on those standards are way beyond what we should be doing,” Buel told OregonLive.com. “It takes away time from things that are more valuable.”

It’s unclear how many of the six other board members feel the same way about Common Core, though Buel said his resolution is written in a way that it can garner widespread support, OregonLive.com.

“There’s a lot of destructiveness in the Common Core, and I wanted to try to minimize that as much as I possibly can within the school district,” Buel said.