SHERWOOD, Ore. – It’s bad enough when a student claims he was sexually abused by a teacher.

It’s even more inexcusable when he finds himself at odds with the teacher’s husband, who also happens to be a local police officer.

Denise Keesee, 39, a former teacher at Sherwood High School, was sentenced earlier this week to a month in jail and five years of probation for sexually abusing a 16-year-old male student, according to a report from

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She was originally accused of having sexual contact multiple times with two boys who were students at the high school between 2005 And 2009, the report said. She eventually accepted a plea agreement in which she admitted to two counts of abuse involving one victim.

But the disturbing story doesn’t end there. There was more than one Keesee working at Sherwood High School. The teacher’s husband, Adam Keesee, is a local police officer who was formerly assigned to the high school as a resource officer.

A lawsuit has been filed alleging that Adam Keesee engaged in “intimidation, harassment and official misconduct” when dealing with one of the alleged victims, the news report said. The boy who filed the lawsuit was not the boy that Denise Keesee admitted molesting in her plea agreement.

The allegations against Adam Keesee were investigated by the local district attorney and he was cleared of any legal wrongdoing. But the investigation did determine that there was “bad blood” between Officer Keesee and the young man, the report said.

How sickening.

If Officer Keesee has a beef with someone, it should be his criminal wife. She’s the one who smirched her own reputation, and that of the school, by taking sexual advantage of at least one very young student behind her husband’s back.

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It’s painfully clear that Denise Keesee’s irresponsible behavior led to the current state of affairs. Neither of the students involved in this case should be held responsible for any of it. They were children. Mrs. Keesee was the adult teacher in charge. Everything that happened is her fault, period.

The student who filed the lawsuit should not be the target of anger or hard feelings from Adam Keesee, just because he exercised his right to file a lawsuit. The local police chief should make sure that Keesee and his fellow officers leave this kid alone.