MIAMI – Sen. Ted Cruz took the fight against Common Core into Jeb Bush’s home state of Florida last Friday.

Speaking at a GOP fundraiser, the Texas lawmaker explained that the federal government’s involvement in pushing the nationalized learning standards violates Constitutional principles.

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“The final amendment of the Bill of Rights says the powers not given to the federal government are reserved for the states and for the people. That keeps the federal government out of areas where it has no business, things like education – and we need to repeal every word of Common Core,” Cruz said to loud applause.

“Education is too important for it to be governed by bureaucrats out of Washington,” he continued. “ It should be at the state level, or even better at the local level, where parents have direct control over what’s being taught to our kids.”

Cruz’s comments are especially noteworthy because they were delivered in what describes as “Jeb Bush country.”

Bush is the former governor of the Sunshine State. He’s also among the biggest advocates of the Common Core experiment, which is designed to synchronize teaching and learning in classrooms all across the country.

Conservatives have largely turned against Common Core, while Bush remains a steadfast supporter. Analysts believe Bush’s support of the nationalized learning standards could prove fatal to any presidential bid he may be planning for 2016.

“Cruz’s no-holds-barred approach” against the standards, on the other hand, “shows why the conservative base likes him so much,” notes.