NEW YORK – Whoopi Goldberg is a teacher hater.     

That’s the reaction the co-host of The View provoked in a social media firestorm over comments she recently made on the show about teacher tenure job protections. It’s the same reaction suffered by practically anyone in America who dares question the policies of the almighty teachers unions.

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On Monday, Goldberg took aim at the unions’ relentless fight to retain tenure for educators, and called on unionized teachers to speak up about the need to reform the system to make it easier to terminate those who can’t get the job done, NewsBusters reports.

Goldberg “insisted that bad teachers should lose their jobs, declaring ‘You teachers in your unions, you need to say, “these bad teachers are making us look bad. We don’t want it!” … And it has nothing to do with being a liberal or a Democrat. It has to do with being an American,’” according to the news site.

Of course, those comments infuriated many rabidly liberal loons on Twitter who dedicate their social media time to badmouthing anyone who says anything critical about teachers unions or union job protections that keep far too many bad apples in the classroom.

Yet despite the backlash, Goldberg didn’t back down, and instead reiterated her point on the show the next day with guest host Emily Miller, a conservative columnist.

“We were not talking about good teachers who do a great job. We were talking about getting rid of teachers who don’t do a good job,” Goldberg responded to the attacks on Twitter that followed Monday’s show. “My mother was a teacher. So, this is not about bashing teachers and I don’t appreciate you misquoting what we said.”

Miller then upped the ante by pointing out the fact that teachers unions use their substantial political clout to protect their ineffective members, which is the reason some politicians want to limit the union influence, NewsBusters reports.

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Here’s her exchange with Goldberg, who defended unionization in general:

EMILY MILLER: I think what you’re seeing from the reaction of the audience is sort of a switch in America – and now all of the teachers are going to hate me next – But the teachers unions are so strong, and so the not good teachers get to stay in. And that’s why you see people like Chris Christie trying to break up those teachers unions.

GOLDBERG: No. I’m sorry, no, no. You cannot compare the two.

MILLER: Why? That’s what tenure is all about.

GOLDBERG: Well, tenure for bad teachers is what we’re talking about. He was trying to bust the union. We weren’t talking about busting the union. There’s a difference.

Goldberg further clarified her position later in the show, according to the news site.

“We said that teachers who do not do a good job in teaching have no right to have tenure, that’s what we said,” she explained. “That’s what it is.”

Goldberg is among a growing list of liberals speaking out about the ills of teacher tenure.

Most recently, renowned attorney David Boies, a lifelong liberal and father of two public school teachers, joined as chairman of Partnership for Educational Justice, a nonprofit led by former CNN anchor Campbell Brown founded to legally challenge teacher tenure in New York and other states.

“I think teaching is one of the most important professions that we have in this country,” Boies recently told the New York Times.

“But he added, ‘there’s a tension’ between union efforts to protect workers and ‘what society needs to do, which is to make sure that the social function – in this case teaching – is being fulfilled.’ Mr. Boies, who said he viewed education as a civil rights issue, is offering his services pro bono,” the Times reports.