NEW YORK – There are lots of things one might call Alton Nolen (aka Jah’Keem Yisrael), the Oklahoma man who decapitated a former co-worker who resisted his attempts to convert her to Islam.

One epithet that might come to come to mind is “sicko.” Unless that mind belongs to the hyper-radical MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry, who referred to Nolen as a “gentleman,” then went on to opine that his actions constituted workplace violence:

I would be remised not to bring up the story out of Oklahoma. It is a story that I read as workplace violence story. But I want to play just a little bit of the sound from the press conference that followed a gentleman who beheaded a woman in the context of his having been fired then he goes back to the plant. He stabs several people. One of the women, her head is severed. But then this gets said at the conference. Let’s listen for a moment. [Emphasis added]

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Authored by Howard Portnoy