NEW YORK — Tens of thousands of students from more than 300 school campuses are expected to join the People’s Climate March this Sunday, September 21st in New York City.

The Green Schools Alliance, a coalition of hundreds of schools throughout the U.S. and more than 4,000 schools nationwide, is a coordinating partner for the event.

According to the global climate change organization,

In response to the United Nations’ Emergency Climate Summit, an unprecedented surge of tens of thousands of students from more than 300 campuses will join the People’s Climate March, which is anticipated to be the largest demonstration on climate change in history. Students have built a movement on hundreds of campuses to demand fossil fuel divestment and local solutions, and they’re joining the movement to demand bold climate action and an end to extractive industries as President Obama and world leaders meet at the United Nations.

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President Obama, several world leaders, and as many as 120 heads-of-state are slated to gather Tuesday, September 23rd for the 2014 United Nations Climate Summit. The People’s Climate March is intended to preclude the summit to draw attention and support.

Not unlike most climate change events, Sunday’s march through the streets of Manhattan will be attended by a slew of anti-war activists and Israel haters — indicating once again that, at least for many of those in the lead, the save the planet movement is not really about saving the planet.

For example, according to, partnering organizations in coordinating the march include Code Pink, International Socialist Organization, Freedom Socialist Party, SEIU, AFL-CIO, and the Communist Party USA.

Frightening to think, isn’t it, that thousands of students will be marching alongside organizations like these?

Code Pink, an extreme anti-Israel organization shown to have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, has announced that there will be a Peace, Justice and Climate rally before the march. Speakers at the rally will include Code Pink founder, Medea Benjamin, and Tom Hayden, former California senator and former member of the 1960s domestic terrorist group, the Weather Underground.

Also a coordinating partner is the BlueGreen Alliance (formerly known as the Apollo Alliance), an organization whose New York office is led by yet another former member of the Weather Underground organization, Jeff Jones.

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Van Jones, the former Obama “green jobs czar” who once proclaimed himself a communist, is also with BlueGreen Alliance.

According to its website, People’s Climate plans to have a “Free Palestine Block” at the march to highlight the “genocide” and “grave injustices committed by Israel against the Palestinian people.”

The organization claims the reason they decided to include the Free Palestine Block is because it came to their attention that the march is “being endorsed by several Zionist organizations that support the occupation and destruction of Palestine.” goes on to say:

…given the current massacre of the Palestinian people at the behest of a US/Israeli military-industrial complex that is one of the largest consumers of fossil fuels in the world— having Zionists at a climate justice march doesn’t seem to make sense.

Does any of this even make sense?

Regardless of anyone’s stance on global warming or man-made climate change, it doesn’t make sense that schools and even entire school districts are partnering with organizations that would coordinate with and march along side communists and terrorists in the name of climate change.

Parents be warned about this march. It promises to be a very radical event.