NEW YORK – Several schools are giving radical anti-war organizations access to their classrooms.

One such organization is The World Can’t Wait, an anti-war organization started by Charles Clark Kissinger, a former Students for a Democratic Society member and longtime leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

The World Can’t Wait’s counter-recruiting program, We Are Not Your Soldiers (WANYS), visits high school classes to, as they claim, “tell the truth about the wars and why the military is really recruiting.”

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The program brings veterans, often members of Iraqi Veterans Against the War (IVAW), to talk to students about “their on-the-ground experiences in occupying countries, where civilians pay the price…”

IVAW is an equally radical anti-American organization that, in a 2011 resolution on Palestine, described the United States’ military support of Israel as a “coordinated strategy to dominate the Middle East.”

According to The World Can’t Wait’s website, as part of its WANYS program, IVAW members visited several schools across the country during the 2012-2013 school year, often showing students the video, Collateral Murder, and then engaging them in conversations about it.

Collateral Murder is a video of two U.S. Apache helicopters firing on a group of men in Baghdad in 2007. The video was obtained, given the name Collateral Murder, and released in 2010 by Julian Assange of WikiLeaks.

The problem with the video is that, shortly after it was released, it was proven to have been edited. Yet two to three years later, the video is being shown to students by The World Can’t Wait and IVAW?

As evidenced from this video of U.S. military veteran Ethan McCord narrating Collateral Murder, it appears that even the most bloody and graphic images taken from the strike are being shown to students. In the first minute of the video, McCord says that U.S. soldiers are trained from day one to dehumanize the enemy and also “to dehumanize civilians here at home”. Later in the video, he says he encourages students to push military recruiters out when they visit schools, and then goes on to refer to military recruiters as pimps and the army as their whore.

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Collateral Murder was edited to make it look like U.S. military may have fired on civilians without cause. However, removed from at least one version of the video released by WikiLeaks were crucial minutes revealing discussions of hostile gunfire and the presence of at least one AK-47 and RPG in the hands of the insurgents.

Also likely not mentioned to students being shown this video is the fact that, according to military reports, U.S. forces had been engaged in combat all day with individuals fitting the description of the men fired upon. In fact, the U.S. helicopters that executed the strike were called to the scene by ground forces for that very reason.

The World Can’t Wait is now led by Debra Sweet, an activist pushing for the closing of Guantanamo, or as Sweet calls it, “the illegal torture camp.”

In a speech delivered at an event held at All Souls Church in New York City earlier this year, Sweet accused the United States of imprisoning, torturing and secretly killing people in “Bagram, Afghanistan, and black sites around the world”, and said that Guantanamo was opened because “the U.S. needed a place to openly defy international norms.”

She also claimed that most of Guantanamo’s 800 prisoners are pilgrims, farmers, and would-be fighters that the U.S. government bribed warlords to turn in.

Later in that same speech, Sweet tells the story of a class of students in Chicago that her organization visited to discuss Guantanamo. When the teacher asked students why they thought George Bush set up Guantanamo, a child in the class raised his hand and said, “LYNCHING.”

When the teacher asked the student why he made that comparison, Sweet said he answered, “When Black people were lynched in the South, it wasn’t so much what any one person had done. Lynching was done to terrorize everyone and keep the system of Jim Crow in place.”

Sweet went on to say of that student:

So from that wise young man, himself living in the epicenter of mass incarceration, with the U.S. being Jailer #1, we get the essence: Guantánamo the prison camp was intended not just to imprison captives but to send a message to the entire world that the U.S. could do whatever it wants to whomever it wants. 

Even more shocking is another tidbit from The World Can’t Wait website wherein they provide an edited transcript of a talk given by Sunsara Taylor at an anti-war event in Denver.

Taylor, whom The World Can’t Wait refers to as one of several “prominent representatives of the movements against the war,” had this to say:

I’m a supporter of the Revolutionary Communist Party and I am very proud to say that the Revolutionary Communist Party just published its new Constitution. We communists don’t just want to criticize. We want state power. We know we could run things far better if we had state power in our hands. I invite people to get your hands on this and engage this. We need a radical solution. We need a new world. We need socialism. We need communism.

The World Can’t Wait and IVAW are dangerous and deceitful organizations, and they say they are ready to visit your child’s school or classroom this year.