NEW YORK – The looters and rioters torching businesses in Ferguson, Missouri may well end up being Time magazine’s “Person of the Year.”

With one week left to go, “Ferguson protestors” lead voting with 10.8 percent, according to the publication’s website.

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Other notables include:

* Vladimir Putin – 4.6 percent.

* Pope Francis – 2.6 percent.

* Barack Obama – 2.4 percent.

* Beyonce – 2.3 percent.

* Elon Musk – 1.7 percent.

* Elizabeth Warren – 1.4 percent.

* Hillary Clinton – 1.4 percent.

* Kanye West – 1.1 percent.

* Kim Kardashian – 1 percent.

 “Since 1927, Time has named a person who for better or worse has most influenced the news and our lives in the past year,” the magazine notes on its website, according to USA Today.

The newspaper reports the magazine’s editors make the final call.

Among other notables, “Ebola doctors and nurses” are currently garnering 4.4 percent of the vote.

The left’s favorite punching bags – Charles and David Koch – are earning .4 percent of ballots, jut a head of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who has .3 percent of the vote.

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