HARRISVILLE TWP., Ohio – One mother isn’t going to let the government school system ruin her daughter’s education.

Rene Antonio, of Harrisville Township, Ohio, plans to withdraw her second-grade daughter from Cloverleaf Elementary School on Dec. 15, the Medina Gazette reports.

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“Everyone I’ve talked to about it are against the Common Core,” she tells the paper.

“We are the parents, we have a say, and if enough people pull their children out of school, they’re going to have to do something about it.”

The paper reports:

Antonio said she’s not sure exactly how many parents are committed to the strike, but she’s received positive feedback from others against Common Core.

“I’m trying to be unbiased on my page because everyone has different reasons for not liking it,” she said. “Children’s minds don’t adapt to the Common Core like they’re expected to. It takes away from the child’s ability to explore.

“These aren’t the government’s children, and they aren’t the state’s children.”

In addition to the Facebook page, Antonio also posted a video on YouTube.com two months ago of her daughter ripping up Common Core math homework and putting it in a bag to give to her teacher.

“The government should not control my education,” the girl said in the video.

Antonio said she decided to set up the strike when she heard that some parents were not letting their children take Common Core tests.

Antonio said she’s already looked at 20 private schools in Medina County as an option for her child, but all of them also have adopted Common Core.

“If it sticks around, it will be everywhere,” she said. “You’ll have to know Common Core to be accepted into college.”

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