NEW YORK – Rhonda “Randi” Weingarten is a shameless progressive activist posing as a school leader.

After all, why else would she post a years-old photo on Facebook and accuse Walmart of selling hams with a sign saying they’re “Delicious for Chanukah”?

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Snopes debunked the attack on Walmart in 2009 saying it was actually a Brooklyn, New York store, Balducci’s, that was running the promotion. The website cited a 2007 New York Daily News article on the photo that was making the rounds and the store said it was a “mistake.”

But what labor union boss can pass up an opportunity to take a swipe at Big Labor boogeyman Walmart – facts be damned?

While Weingarten focuses on hams during Hanukkah, amnesty, Obamacare, gay marriage, abortion and numerous other issues that have nothing to do with her organization’s purported purpose – quality education for children – the schools she is supposedly concerned about continue to fail. Miserably.

Consider the results of the school districts where Weingarten’s members work:


Detroit Public Schools was praised because the district’s graduation rate hit 65 percent – the highest in six years, according to CBS Detroit. But the United Way notes 30 high schools in the city had a graduation rate of less than 40 percent.

MORE NEWS: How to prepare for face-to-face classes reported in 2012 that only 7 percent of Detroit 8th graders were proficient in reading. Four percent rated proficient in math.

Rochester, New York

The Rochester City School District actually saw a decline in graduation rates – to a dismal 43 percent, WHEC reports.

Less than six percent of eighth grade students were proficient in reading. Among black students, 3 percent were reading at grade level.


Chicago Public Schools saw a spike in its 2013-14 graduation rate – to 69 percent, according to the Chicago Tribune. That was a “record high.”

When Weingarten’s members walked out on students in 2012 and held a 10-day strike, 79 percent of 8th graders were not grade-level proficient in reading, reports. Worse, 80 percent of 8th graders weren’t proficient in math.

Despite their job performance – at least measured by student performance – Chicago teachers were demanding a 30 percent raise.

Buffalo, New York

Last year, Buffalo Public Schools saw its graduation rate climb six percentage points – to 53 percent, according to the Buffalo News.

Student proficiency rates actually declined after a new test was administered. Ten percent of Buffalo students were proficient in math while 11.5 percent of students were proficient in reading and writing, according to the Huffington Post.


Francine Lawrence, former head of the Toledo teachers union, was recently named the executive vice president of the AFT. Surely that’s an indication the union thinks something’s going right in that city.

Not really.

The Ohio Department of Education gave the school district an “F” for its 64.5 percent graduation rate.

NPR reported during the 2010-11 school year – the last one with solid data – 69 percent of 8th graders were proficient in reading while 46 percent were proficient in math.

So while Randi Weingarten smears corporations like Walmart with phony pictures of Hanukkah hams, the real scandal resides within the schools she is supposedly so interested in.