PHOENIX, Ariz. – Arizona’s HB2190 repeal/replace Common Core bill passed the AZ House this past week with a 34-23 vote. The bill is sponsored by Rep. Mark Finchem.

HB2190 is a comprehensive bill that seeks to remove all facets of the Common Core from Arizona including the federal learning standards, the data suctioning systems, and the assessments and returns control over education back to the state and local level.

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The bill removes the Common Core standards and returns to Arizona’s previous standards for two years while an independent committee of parents and educators who are accountable to the legislature reworks the state’s learning standards.

The State Board of Education must also hold hearings in every legislative district in the state to gather input from all stakeholders whenever the learning standards are changed. The Common Core standards were adopted by most State Boards of Education around the country without hearings or input from parents or educators in 2010.

The bill has multiple layers of protection regarding sharing student data and continually reaffirms the rights of parents to control who sees their children’s data. HB2190 also forbids the state from joining any testing consortium that would require ceding of control over Arizona’s statewide test.

Don’t expect the Common Core machine to take this victory lying down. It has already dispatched its legions of flying monkeys in the form of radio, print, and television ads paid for by a multitude of acronymed non-profits to try and kill this anti-Common Core victory before it encourages other states to follow suit.

Another bill, HB2246, which protects a parent’s right to opt out of state testing also passed the Arizona House this week.

Both bills will be heard in the AZ Senate this week in the Senate Education Committee on Thursday before being sent to the full Senate for a vote.