SHELTON, Conn. – Dear students, leave the flowers at home.

That’s the message administrators are sending out ahead of the Shelton Intermediate School’s eighth grade cotillion tonight, citing concerns about serious allergies, NBC Connecticut reports.

Cotillion is a fancy word for the school dance.

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“Due to medical concerns associated with servere (sic) allergies to certain flowers, students with flowers will not be permitted into the school,” headmaster Kenneth Saranich said in a statement. “The exchanging of flowers for the cotillion is not a function of the cotillion, nor endorsed by the school.

“For all students to have a safe and enjoyable evening we require that everyone involved comply with this request.”

School officials sent out a reminder tweet, as well:

For all students to have a safe and enjoyable evening we require that students refrain from bringing flowers to the Cotillion. #allergyalert

“Perhaps for safety sake they should cancel the dance … someone could stub a toe,” Ruth Kelly posted to Facebook.

“Oh good Lord! Shelton really has issues! If someone has a flower allergy, they can pop a syrtec for goodness sake!” Carolyn Bliss wrote.

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“Couldn’t they wear a facemask to block the allergies, as well?” Michelle Brodeur joked. “How politically correct has this school got to be? Folks could arrive in their own plastic bubble with piped in pure oxygen. It’s scaring me now!”

And besides the no-flowers decree, the school also seems to have a fairly strict dance dress code, according to The Viking: Shelton Intermediate’s Digital Newspaper.

“Cotillion is the one night 8th graders dream of, and they want to make it amazing with the perfect outfit. But with the perfect outfit also comes some minor rules. Boys must wear a collared shirt and dress slacks. Suits and sports jackets are optional. (No jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts),” the online student newspaper reports.

“Girls must dress appropriately for a middle school function. A dress or dress pants and a dress top is allowed. (No gowns, strapless dresses, jeans, sneakers, or t-shirts).”

The recent announcement is the latest in the district’s attempt to crack down on student attire during dances.

“Shelton High School was in the national spotlight earlier this month when, days before its prom, school headmaster Dr. Beth Smith announced over the intercom that backless dresses and those with slit or cutouts wouldn’t be allowed at prom,” according to NBC Connecticut.

That really pissed off some students and parents who had already purchased dresses, though a committee of female staffers ultimately determined only six of 150 student dresses didn’t comply with the edict.

The district recent dress code declarations have convinced News 8 viewer Bob the most recent issue “is not about allergies, it is about power.”

“Suddenly they are control freaks (with) no common sense,” poster Rob wrote in reply.