HONOLULU, Hawaii – Planned Parenthood got its way in Hawaii, at least for now.

The state legislature didn’t buy its argument about sex education in public schools, but the state Board of Education did.

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That means, starting this fall, sex education in the Aloha State is slated to have a decidedly progressive point of view, where teen sex is encouraged, homosexuality and abortion are promoted, and the abstinence message is largely de-emphasized.

But the fight is apparently not over.

State Rep. Bob McDermott, along with the conservative Liberty Foundation, are preparing to file a pair of lawsuits with the goal of blocking the changes to sex ed in public schools.

“We’re going to try to get a stay on them teaching anything,” McDermott said. “Our state law says information taught in sex education classes must be accurate, and the information they give children is inaccurate and incomplete and amounts to nothing less than social/sexual engineering.”

State Rep. Bob McDermott

In June, Hawaii’s Board of Education voted to make comprehensive sex education mandatory for all public schools, and to change the parental “opt in” law to “opt out.”

Before the changes, schools were not forced to teach sex education, and classes were allowed to be abstinence-based, meaning that sexual abstinence was heavily stressed as the only certain way for students to avoid pregnancy or sexually-transmitted diseases.

Parents also had to give prior permission (opt-in) before their children could participate in sex ed classes. Now all kids will be automatically enrolled, and can only be removed if their parents decide to “opt out” after the fact.

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Opt-in policies create much more likelihood that parents will inspect the class curriculum before giving the necessary consent to enroll their children.

Under the new rules, parents will be far less likely to notice that their children are being automatically enrolled in “comprehensive” sex ed classes that promote ideas they may not approve of.

The worst part is that the switch to comprehensive sex ed did not require the approval of the people of Hawaii or their elected representatives.

Last year a bill in the state legislature that would have forced a switch to mandatory, comprehensive sex ed failed to pass. But instead of giving up, or continuing to press their case before the people’s elected representatives, officials from Planned Parenthood quietly took their case to the Board of Education, which is comprised of members appointed by the governor.

That board, unaccountable to the people, gave a thumbs up to a decidedly progressive approach to sex ed, whether the public likes it to not.

“What happened was that, a few years ago, we went from having an elected board to an appointed board,” McDermott said. “The folks on the board who were pushing for this were mostly appointed by our previous governor, who was a real lefty. Planned Parenthood went to them and lobbied. Their mantra was that kids need information about sex. Framed that way, nobody could object.

“This abandons any notion of telling children to wait. Planned Parenthood wants children to have sex. And all the stuff about gender identify, same sex partners – all of that is going to be in schools and mandatory.

“They’re doing this to hit young people over the head with the idea that anal sex and Bruce Jenner are normal, so that by the time they’re adults they will accept and celebrate it.

“(Liberals) always complain that parents aren’t teaching children about this stuff. Well you’re damned right they’re not. What this really comes down to is whose view of morality is going to prevail in the public square?”

McDermott said he and the Liberty Foundation are planning to file two lawsuits in the coming weeks, with one based on the argument that comprehensive sex education, as it’s already practiced in many Hawaii schools, provides students with medically inaccurate or incomplete information.

For instance, female students are told they can’t contract genital warts if a condom is employed during sex, which is not true, McDermott said.

Young girls or homosexual boys are not informed that performing oral sex on five or more males greatly increases the odds of getting oral cancer, he said.

And comprehensive sex ed also seeks to normalize the concept of anal sex, even though a former U.S. Surgeon General deemed it too dangerous to practice, even with a condom, and none of his successors have publicly suggested otherwise.

“This is going to be the first lawsuit of its kind in the country, holding a state Department of Education accountable for providing medically inaccurate information to students,” he said. “We have to do what the left has done. They left doesn’t quit and they stay in it until they win it.”

The other lawsuit will seek to hold the state accountable for creating cultural conflicts in private homes between parents and children, who are taught ideas in school that contradict their parents’ moral beliefs.