SOUTH BERWICK, Maine – A Maine high school was busted this week for soliciting unpaid “fellows” – students – to work for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Hillary Rodham Clinton“Hillary for New Hampshire is looking for smart, energetic winter fellows who are committed to winning the New Hampshire primary for Hillary Clinton,” read an email sent by a campaign staffer that was forwarded to Marshwood High School students’ email addresses, according to Fox News.

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“Everyone working on the campaign now started off as a fellow at some point so it is a great way of getting a different skill set whilst helping an important cause.”

At least two parents – Tim and Elita Galvin – don’t think Clinton’s cause is particularly important, and said their teenage son is offended by the Democratic presidential candidate’s “disingenuous and sneaky” attempt to recruit free labor.

“My son didn’t appreciate being targeted by anybody via his school email for a political campaign,” Elita Galvin told Fox News. “I’ll be honest – he’s not a fan of Hillary Clinton to begin with. He’s done his homework and he doesn’t like her.”

The Galvins contacted principal Paul Mahlhorn, and shared his emailed response with Fox News. In it, Mahlhorn doesn’t seem very concerned his school is being used as a recruiting ground for Clinton, and told the Galvins it would do the same for any campaign that requested assistance.

“We often receive information from outside sources regarding opportunities for students to get involved in their communities,” Mahlhorn wrote in the email. “We pass on this information to provide students with ways they may meet the requirement to perform 50 hours of community service to graduate.”

“If other ‘campaigns’ were to seek volunteers, we would pass that on also,” he wrote.

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But shortly after Fox News contacted district superintendent Mary Nash, the principal changed his tune.

“In general, all staff must refrain from sending out any solicitations supporting any non-school organization,” the principal wrote in an email to parents at Nash’s request.

Nash told Fox News the Clinton email never should have been forwarded to students, and said a school staff member simply sent it out without any “additional information regarding this community service opportunity.”

“Politics don’t belong there – Republican, Democrat, green, purple, white, whatever,” Elita Galvin told the news site. “It doesn’t belong in the schools. The kids get, we get so much of this – we get bombarded during the political campaigning season, which now is almost never ending.

“Those kids should be able to go to school and learn without having that noise around them or targeted at them,” she said.