BRENTWOOD, N.Y. – Here’s an interesting comparison.

where your school dollars goThe Dallas, Texas school district has about 160,000 students and had 211 employees earn at least $100,000 in straight salary in 2014-15.

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The Seattle, Washington school district has about 50,000 students and had 275 employees reach six figures that year.

The San Francisco school district has about 57,000 students and had 111 employees making $100,000 that year.

Then there’s the Brentwood Union School District in New York, which has only about 17,000 students, but had a whopping 939 employees making at least $100,000 in 2014-15.

Their combined salaries were a slightly breathtaking $115.4 million.

The top moneymaker was the top dog, Superintendent Joseph Bond, who hauled in $274,605. Assistant Superintendent Jeannette Suarez made $221,734.

The other top earners, listed without their job titles because they all weren’t available, were Victoria Regan ($221,489), Vincent Palumbo ($209,814), Carol Anacreonte ($203,582), Stacy O’Connor ($203,423), Richard Loeschner ($198,862), Ellen Bresloff ($198,147), Ann Pasaric-Blore ($197,505) and Kevin O’Reilly ($188,510).

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That must be one heck of a district, with an incredibly effective staff, right?

Except you can’t tell it from student test scores.

The district’s New York State report card includes 12 categories – six for scores in English for grades 3-8 and six for scores in math for grades 3-8.

The number of Brentwood students who tested proficient in each grade level fell far short of the state average in each category.

In third grade English, for example, 14 percent of Brentwood students tested proficient in English, compared to an average of 31 percent statewide.

The comparison was similar down the line – fourth grade English (14 percent Brentwood, 33 percent statewide), fifth grade English (15 percent in Brentwood, 30 percent statewide), sixth grade English (13 percent Brentwood, 31 percent statewide), seventh grade English (11 percent, 29 percent statewide) and eighth grade English (11 percent Brentwood, 35 percent statewide).

Math was the same story, with Brentwood students trailing the state average by 18 percent in third grade, 20 percent in fourth grade, 13 percent in fifth grade, 21 percent in sixth grade, 17 percent in seventh grade and 14 percent in eighth grade.

For the kind of money they spend on labor in their school district, Brentwood taxpayers deserve better results.